In year 2005, the Bosnian-American archaeologist and author Semir Sam Osmanagic discovered what is believed to be the century’s biggest  archeological , cultural and historical discovery . In the small town of Visoko 20 km north of Sarajevo in the heart of Bosnia-Herzegovina Mr. Osmanagic discovered what is believed to be Europe’s first ancient man-made pyramids.

There is five ( possibly even more ) pyramid-shaped hills that are believed to hide ancient man-made pyramidal structures. Under the valley extends an defacto ancient man-made tunnel/labyrinth believed to connect the pyramids under the ground. According to carbon datings the tunnel is more then 5.000 years old and man made. The pyramidal shaped hills aroused strong controversy among the world’s established archaeologists, geologists, physicists, historians, etc …… if it should prove to hide ancient made-made pyramids, the Bosnian pyramids will rewrite the entire ancient history forever both in age and high.


Semir Osmanagic himself fully believes the hills of Visoko valley in fact hides man made ancient pyramids so he named the hills into :

Bosnian Pyramid of Sun ( in this case the oldest and largest pyramids ever discovered so far in face of the planet )

Bosnian Pyramid of Love

Bosnian pyramid of earth

Bosnian pyramid of Moon

Bosnian pyramid of Dragon

– Ravne underground tunnel

Today, the world’s archaeologists are divided into three camps regarding the pyramids:

Skeptics who do not believe in the pyramids but claims it to be natural formations and hills created several million years ago also claims the entire project about Bosnian pyramids is the biggest hoax and freud ever made.

Optimists insist and belive that these are ancient man made pyramids built by some for us today totally forgotten and unknown civilization and culture that was lost while the pyramids become covered by deep layers of soil and vegetation perhaps by floods and other natural disasters

- The most established and professional archaeologists, the most established and professional archaeologists are neutral, objective and generally cautious. From the very beginning it was more of archaeologists skeptical about the whole project ( partly because there were no archaeological evidence and unknowledge partly because they never visited Visoko themselves ) Over time, all this changed and today most professional archaeologists are cautious. Some archaeologists have openly declared their support for the entire pyramid project in Visoko. Two well-known archaeologists from Egypt has already confirmed the pyramids existence in Visoko Valley. Most professional archaeologists encourages further excavations 



Semir Osmanagic also founded MRAV archeological park

which has grown into the world’s largest and most active archaeological park ) Foundation has organized International Summer Camps for Volunteers in 2010, 2011, 2012 , 2013 and 2014.   to perform archaeological excavation and protection of the cultural heritage in Visoko, Bosnia- Herzegovina. It was performed under supervision of Foundation’s experts: archaeologists, geologists anthropologists, geophysicists and others. For the first time ever volunteers are offered unique opportunity to work on real archaeological sites and make important discoveries with experts. Project is open for everyone, no secrets and no selection of the information. Volunteers have become Bosnian ambassadors when they went back to their rerspective countries, changing the image of Bosnia for the better. At the same time, they helped open the country to the world. Tens of thousands of tourists came to Visoko, leading world media as well (ABC, CNN, BBC, NTV Moscow, Italia Uno, History Channel, REN Russia and others).The project of Bosnian pyramids have accumulated archaeologists, geologists, geophysicists ,historians, authors , researchers, lovers of antiquity, enthusiasts – anyone who wants to be agents of transformation gathered together with the same goal which is to protect the cultural archaeological and historical treasures from ancient times in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Visoko. This is the greatest archaeological project ever in face of the planet In year 2009, 

Volunteers Archaeologists, geologists, geophysicists and anthropologists from several countries


Between 2009 – 2014 volunteers together with professional archaeologists, geologists, geophysicists and anthropologists from Several Countries managed to dig up a lot of evidence of the pyramids existence, this includes man-made stone blocks, artifacts, Inscriptions and man-made terraces.